Our Mission

The Learning by Giving Foundation seeks to advance the next generation’s understanding of
philanthropy by providing the financial, technological, and intellectual tools to experience
community impact and to make that knowledge widely accessible through an online forum.

  • What we do?

    We promote the teaching of effective charitable giving. We do this by supporting academically rigorous full-credit courses with grants of $10,000 for each class to distribute to local nonprofit organizations.

    The courses help students understand the social and economic roles of the nonprofit sector and philanthropy and the processes through which social change is funded and implemented across sectors. Students develop critical leadership, professional, interpersonal, and analytical skills as they carry out an effective philanthropic strategy in their local communities. Through courses offered in a variety of academic disciplines, students experience first hand the art, science and business of philanthropy.

  • Why this matters?

    Philanthropy touches every major social issue we face. We need informed, skilled, thoughtful philanthropic leaders and change agents now and in the future to address our greatest challenges

    As government revenues decline and the needs of the less fortunate in our communities increase, the wise investment of every dollar of limited philanthropic capital for social change becomes even more important.

  • Who benefits?

    Students gain important personal, intellectual, professional and leadership skills, and develop their own philanthropic values.

    But they are not the only beneficiaries. In addition, community nonprofits use the revenue to impact those they serve. Colleges and universities strengthen their ties to their local communities and have the opportunity to forge new relationships with their alumni base and local philanthropic organizations interested in serving their communities.